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                                     160gsm Poster Printing

160gsm Poster PrintingHigh Quality poster printing onto heavyweight matt paper using a CrystalPoint process. The posters are colour calibrated, bold & scratch resistant providing a high degree of durability.

The paper & inks are colour calibrated using the X-rite i1 professional spectrophotometer, this provides colour accurate posters that will map the original colour in the file to the nearest printable colour.

The printing process produces posters that are ideal for many applications. These posters are not laminated.

Highly Recommended: for all Posters, Presentations, Pop Art, Maps, Near Photo Quality Posters, Drawings & Plans.

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A3 Poster Printing 160gsmA3 Poster Printing 160gsm
A2 Poster Printing 160gsmA2 Poster Printing 160gsm
A1 Poster Printing 160gsmA1 Poster Printing 160gsm
A0 Poster Printing 160gsmA0 Poster Printing 160gsm