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Frequent Asked Questions

Q. Are your posters photographic quality

Yes, photographic quality images will be faithfully reproduced by our 8 colour photo printers & 12 colour fine art printers which have a much larger colour gamut than 4 colour printers, but please remember that the quality of the print will only be as good as the quality of the images in your artwork.

Q. Do you print custom size posters

Yes, please see this page for information on custom size poster printing

Q. What dpi should my images be

Ideally any bitmap images should be at least 150dpi at 100% size, 300dpi or larger is better. This can be checked in Photoshop by selecting "image size" & deselecting "resample image" if you then enter the dimensions of the print required, ie at A0 (841 x 1189mm) the resolution should be a minimum of 150 pixel per inch. On certain images a lower resolution will still print fine.

Q. Can you print custom sizes

Yes, we can print any custom size, when placing your order just mention the actual dimensions that the poster is to be printed at, there is no extra charge for posters printed just a bit larger than the standard sizes.

Q. Can you print edge to edge

Yes, all our poster sizes can be printed edge to edge (full bleed). Uploaded Artwork that is not proportional to the selected poster size will be scaled to fit (either height or width) to the selected poster size, we will not crop the images unless specifically asked to do so

Q. Which is the best colour space to use CMYK or RGB

We can accept both RGB & CMYK files, RGB is better due to having a larger colour gamut.

Q. How can I soft proof my poster, ie to see how the colours will print

If you have Photoshop or similar click, View/Proof colours then select CMYK or SWOP as the working colour profile, this will give quite an accurate onscreen proof of how your poster will print.

Q. Which file formats do you accept

We can accept the following file formats, in order of preference, PDF, Powerpoint, Publisher, Word, PSD, TIFF, JPG etc.

Q. Do you proof read posters

No, we do not proof read posters but we do look out for obvious mistakes & will either rectify these or let you know about them before printing.

Q. Are your laminated posters weatherproof

All laminated posters are totally sealed (front & back) making them both weatherproof & durable.

Q. Are the posters sent out rolled or flat

All posters are sent out rolled in sturdy postal tubes with end caps.

Q. When will I receive my poster

Orders received before 1pm on a weekday will be sent out the same day with your chosen delivery method. Standard delivery takes 1-3 working days & Fedex delivery will arrive the next working day. Please note we do not send posters abroad.

Q. Do you print fly posters or leaflets

No, we only print premium quality photographic & presentation posters.

Q. What payment methods do you accept

You can pay for your posters using the following methods, PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card & Google Checkout, we can also accept purchase orders from certain establishments.