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Colour Calibrated Printing

Our printers papers and inks are all colour calibrated using the latest spectrophotometer machines to ensure accurate pantone colours and stunning photo quality prints

We also use a professional Caldera Software Rip (Raster Image Processor) which gives superior printing results over standard print drivers when printing large format posters

Calibration ensures that the correct levels of each ink colour are used, this along with icc colour profiles ensures that your poster will be printed perfectly showing the finest details (see image at left below)

Uncalibrated printers will exhibit dot gain, this is where the ink dots bleed into one another causing dark or inaccurate coloured prints along with a loss of fine details,  another problem is not laying down enough ink which causes a loss in colour gamut. (see image at right below)

Both samples below are scans of actual prints which have been printed using exactly the same file. The calibrated print on the left is more vivid with accurate colours while the uncalibrated print on the right shows muted colours along with a yellow colour cast, this is more noticeable in the skin tones

Please note: if your screen is not calibrated you may not fully appreciate the difference between the two print scans below, the difference would be much more noticeable in the actual prints